Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I'm Here!!!!

Im here I promise!!! You and this blog have been in my thoughts daily...but tis the season to get behind on blogging and thinking straight :) thank you Sweet Kris for checking in on me. It amazes me that I have such dear sweet friends across the country I've never even met in person but have come to mean so much to me :) my internet is down at the moment so I'm posting this via iPhone...which isn't terribly easy :) so what have I missed?? I miss my sweet readers and commit to coming back now!!! Not a lot to really speak of but somehow my time has been split in several directions. How was your thanksgiving? Mine was previous, spent at my mom and stepdads house. The only person missing was my sweet little girl who stayed home with her daddy because she was sick with the flu. Dont worry...we wrapped up all the leftovers and took it to them :) she's all better now thankfully. We started our Christmas countdown today :) this season is so much fun with children. My little guy can't get enough of the Christmas lights. Are you doing anything for advent? I'll share some great ideas I got from fellow homeschoolers as well as what we are doing to countdown the days to our Saviors birthday. I love you all!!!!


  1. So, glad to see you back girl. Miss you. Glad everything is ok and you all are getting ready for the busy holidays.

  2. Glad your back and that Kris was around to check on you. I was offline for a bit due to a worm trying to invade my hard drive. My husband thankfully managed to avoid that disaster. Merry Christmas!